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Best Forgotten An Intriguing Tale Of Murder, Amnesia And The Lies We Tell Ourselves A Young Woman Wakes In Hospital, Unable To Recall The Past Eighteen Months Once An Awkward, Introverted Teenager Battling Anorexia Nervosa, Kellie Sue Discovers That She Has Blossomed Into A Beautiful Woman With A Loving Husband But What Secrets Are Lurking Beneath The Surface Why Is Kellie Sue Haunted With Memories Of The Bruised And Bloody Of Her Abusive Ex Boyfriend Lying On The Kitchen Floor Is Kellie Sue Capable Of Murder Or Is The Truth Best Forgotten

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    An introcate exploration on the folly s of the human mind and how perception of an event can quickly change if you don t have all the peices of the story A glimpse into the mind of an amnesia sufferer This story is well written and a real page turner I could go into further detail but don t w...

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    this book was short and easy read for me but i loved it

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    3.5 stars This intriguing novella from indie author Kathryn White offers great insight into a young woman damaged by a fractured family, flawed parents and sibling rivalry The clearest memory nineteen year old Kellie Sue Jones has is the knowledge she killed her cheating ex boyfriend and was arguing with her twin sister right before she had a car accident When she wakes in hospital, Kellie Sue discovers she is twenty one with a husband and a step son she barely knows, and a kind, supportive sister she only remembers as competitive and selfish Is this some kind of hoax or has she really forgotten almost two years of her life And why does she keep getting texts from her dead Ex Best Forgotten hinges on the reliability, or otherwise, of Kellie Sue s memories She is an absorbing character and her story is a mystery that begs to be solved The domestic dilemmas and dramas are well realised, and though her twin sister rarely appears there is a great sense of her on the...

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    I really enjoyed this novella by Kathryn White This is my first book by the author, and I really enjoyed her style of writing.This story doesn t focus on Kellie Sue s amnesia so much as it does her relationship with her family and her issues I could feel Kellie Sue s frustration in dealing with her mother and sister, and her self esteem issues and how her family makes her feel.Though this is a novella, I found it a pretty entertaining read, and I was curious as to find out if Kellie Sue really murdered her ex boyfriend I m not going to tell you what happens, read for yourself My only issue was that I wish that Kellie Sue s relationship with her mother was explored and wrapped up The ending regarding her and her mom felt like it ended a bit too quickly for me and I wish there had been resolution given what her mother had done in the past.All in all, this is a really good book with writing that is easy to read and enjoy, Ms White has some clever turns of ...

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    What a little thriller of a story Kathryn White s novella Best Forgotten had me sad, teary and goosebumpy throughout most of the book This story centres on Kellie Sue s self esteem issues and her relationship with her mother and twin sister I really did feel for Kellie Sue, it was easy to sympathise with her situation and it tugged at my heart But as the saying goes, everything is not a...

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    In a word, confusing I kept reading, but never really understood what the story was about

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    I really enjoyed this book It s a fairly brisk novel about a woman who is having some memory issues and there is a murder mystery it may seem like a typical cliche right there, but I was genuinely pleasantly surprised by the ending, and found...

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