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At Home with the Queen Behind The Scenes Of The Private World At The Heart Of Royalty, As Revealed By A Distinguished Royal Commentator.This Is The Real Story Of What Goes On Inside The Royal Palaces, As Witnessed By Members Of The Royal Staff And Household Past And Present Buckingham Palace Is Effectively An Independent Kingdom With Its Own Rules And Customs, Now Explained By Brian Hoey Hundreds Of Anecdotes Reveal The Conditions In Which The Staff Live And Work And Also Their Relationship With The Royals They Serve.How Does One Get A Job As Personal Footman To The Queen Why Does Prince Charles Still Have To Send A Note To Her Page Of The Backstairs Requesting A Meeting With His Mother How Much Do Members Of The Household Earn Why Does The Queen Hate Men In Three Piece Suits Why Are The Queen S Bedsheets Six Inches Longer Than Prince Philip S Why Do Her Maids Have To Vacuum Walking Backwards Why Doesn T The Queen Allow Square Ice Cubes To Be Put In Her Drinks

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    While there were some parts that began to drag I really didn t care for the salaries of every single one of the staff in all of the departments during Victoria s reign I really enjoyed this book It was a good mix of history, biographical information and of course a bit of gossip Can t be the royal family without that Although the staff is much pared down from prior sovereigns, there are still a diverse lot employed by the Palace Besides the Queen Prince Philip, the book is pretty heavy on the Princess Royal Prince Charles There s also a fair amount on Prince Princess Michael of Kent who ...

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    Nuts and Bolts of How the Queen LivesVery detailed book about inner workings of the palace s and the staff who serve Queen Elizabeth II Only the most dedicated royalty readers will love this book, as it is a bit of a slog to read through to the end.

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    Super interesting and quick read about the house of Windsor I have always empathized with the lack of freedom the royals have but it comes with perks too Of you are interested in learning about the day to day operations and the way the Queen likes her world to beyou will enjoy this book

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    Informative 3 of 120 books pledged to read in 2018 Interesting book about the various jobs which exist to work for the British Royal family, their official and private residences, and the expenses involved in running a modern day monarchy.

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    Really enjoyed this book on the queen

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    A very informative book

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    Well out of date now but still very informative reading wise

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    Very insightful, info is not available on newspapers No gossips, focused on F Food , G General , H Housekeeping , literally at home.A total trivia to commoners.

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    I found the book mostly interesting because of my interest in the monarchy of Great Britain Little tidbits like the fact the Prince of Wales has to send a note to HRM s Page of the Backstairs for an appointment with his mother or to find out if she is walking in the gardens of Sandringham before he goes out, since she likes to ...

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    I loved reading about the behind the scenes life with the royal household Its full of facts and reveals a lot of the Queen s eccentricities an enjoyable read.Back Cover Blurb The private world at the heart of royalty is authoritatively exposed, with the help of many past and present members of the royal staff and household, in this wide ranging account of palace life For Buckingham Palace is effectively an in...

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