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Racing On A Wire Her Early Childhood A Blur Of Temporary Foster Homes, Lucky Is Finally Placed With The Loving Foster Mother She S Always Yearned For, Only To Be Sexually Abused By Her Foster Father Unable To Face The Reality Of Her Situation, Lucky Flees The Alberta Prairie To Start A New Life On An Ontario Race Track She Carries With Her Memories Of Horrific Abuse And An Unborn Child Uprooted And Confused, Lucky Finds Solace In The Horses She Cares For The Race Track Becomes Her New Home And Robbie, A Dwarf Who Grooms Horses There, Her Unwavering Companion With His Support, Lucky Struggles To Unravel The Past She Has Repressed Little By Little She Develops The Strength Required To Face And Deal With Reality.Show Show Less

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    In Inge Moore s Racing on a Wire, this captivating woman s fiction deals with matters of the heart and finding where you belong Meet Lucky, she s a young Muslin teenage girl who s been wanting a family to take her in and make hert their own She finally finding it in Solana as her adoptive mother, but that s when her dream had turned into a nightmare Her foster father had taken adventure of her and had committed incest This has forced her to take drastic action and run away far from home That s when she worked on the race track and helped the jockeys with the horses She had made new riend especially a dwarf named Robbie, who showed her the way When she learns she s pregnant, she tries to commit her suicide and lands in the hospital While she heals from her wound, she decided on what to do with this unwanted pregnancy and creates a fantasy for her, while she flashes back to when she was known as Virgi...

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    Since I read Savage Dawn by Inge Moore, I thought I would also read Racing on a Wire Both books came to me through Reading Deals Review Club So I was provided with a free copy of the books so that I could give an honest review As with any review it is based on the readers personal journey Some other readers may have a totally different thought and that s why multiple reviews can give a potential buyer a better understanding of what they maybe be purchasing.That said I believe this book is for Mature Audiences despite its Young Adult theme.Virginia, who prefers the name Lucky, has had an unpleasant past The past is revealed through her remembering what led her to the race track Dealing with her past demons helps determine what her future will be.While one might think that horse racing is the gist of the story, in reality it goes to Lucky s stat...

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