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A Tired Older Woman Have You Ever Lost Weight Only To Gain It All Back Have You Ever Yo Yoed Up And Down On The Scales Have You Ever Dealt With The Dreaded Plateaus Then You Are Among Friends Anyone Can Lose A Few Pounds Many Of Us Already Have The Difference Is That I Am No Longer Like You Several Years Ago, I Lost Than 50 Pounds, And I Have Maintained That Weight Loss For Over 5 Years Simply, Easily, And Without Giving It Much Thought On The Pages Of A Tired Older Woman Loses Weight And Keeps It Off I Will Share My Secrets With You

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    Loved the book Can t wait to follow her results

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    Just ok

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    A Tired Old Woman Loses Weight and Keeps it OffA motivational account of how the author constructed a diet that helped her lose weight and was one that she could live with Lots of tips and examples based on her success at losing weight and keeping it off.

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    I read this book in one sitting and it may be the best book on weight loss I have ever read, and believe you me, I ve read a few of them, because of my general interest in health and wellness, and of course, how to get off those extra pounds that always seem to be following me around Anyway, Annie Acorn has shared her own experience and shares it with her reader in a simple, accessible, and no nonsense fashion b...

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    I am alway inspired by weight loss stories and this was a practical, fun and supportive read that helped me stay on my fitness journey.

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