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Return of the Bones Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN 13 9781475187427Love Never Dies, Nor Does Faith Or Hope, Or Magic Return Of The BonesFollow The Journey Of The Last Two Remaining Members Of The Pecos Pueblo On Their Quest To Bring Back The Bones Of Their Ancestors To The Ruins Of Their Family Pueblo A Dazzling Epic Of Ancestry, Love And Forgiveness, Return Of The Bones Is A Very Special Book, Inspired By A True Story Which Should Be Told In 1915, 2,067 Skeletons Were Stolen From The Ghost Pueblo Of Pecos And Transported To Harvard University For Medical ResearchIn Present Day And Across The Miles, The Wind Carries Their Cries To Grandfather, Who Hears The Bones Longing For Home Hollow Woman And Grandfather Are The Last Of The Pecos People, But Hollow Woman Is Not Interested In Ancient Family Skeletons She Works At An Indian Casino And Is Of The Modern Ways, While Grandfather Is A Shaman And Values Tradition She Hopes The Road Trip Will Heal Their Broken Hearts.Grandfather Fashions A Magical Dream Catcher To Help Hollow Woman Experience Their Ancestors Lives, To Hurl Her Into The Past, So His Granddaughter May Come To Love The Missing Bones As He Does While Driving A Ratty, Old Pickup Camper, The Stubborn Hollow Woman And Cantankerous Grandfather Bicker From New Mexico To The Peabody Museum In Boston The Pages Are Filled With The Comical Way Grandfather Looks At The World While Embracing The Heartbreak And Spirituality Of The Native American Peoples Did You Know That President George W Bush S Grandfather, Prescott Bush, Dug Up Geronimo S Grave And Stole His Skull To Be Used As Initiation Into The Skull And Bones Society At Yale Did You Know That The Desecration Of The Pecos Graves Was The Beginning Of American Archaeology Did You Know That The Pecos Skeletons Were The Research Subjects For The Landmark Study Which Proves Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis Return Of The Bones Is A Mystical Story Enhanced With Video And Pictures Via The Author S Website Visit Magicprose.com If You Wish To Preview The Videos And Images.

★ Return of the Bones  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Belinda Vasquez Garcia – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • Return of the Bones
  • Belinda Vasquez Garcia
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9781475187427

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    Before I start my review, I would like to preface that it was a First Reads book.This novel is a fictional account of a true story and is spell binding Native Americans are known for their oral traditions and stories and this book follows in those footsteps The main characters, Hollow Woman and Governor are on a road trip to Washington DC and Boston in order to obtain the skeletons of their ancestors which were taken by an archeologist in early quarter of the 1900s The last of the Peco Indians, the bones can only be returned to them for reburial back at their pueblo in New Mexico While on the road trip, Hollow Woman learns of her peoples history, the importance of family, faith, and tradition Garcia has taken the oral tradition of natives and successfully turned it into a spellbinding and captivating story A mix of history and the Peco tribes tradition make this novel fascinating and sheds light on a part of American history that is often ignored due to its harshness Gar...

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    Thanks to Goodreads and Belinda Vasquez Garcia for my copy.Very emotional a touching story that will move you and make you think about the terrible wrongs that have happened to the Native American Indiansso heart touching Thanks to Belinda for writing this story.

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    In 1915, 2,067 skeletons were stolen from the ghost pueblo of Pecos and transported to Harvard University for medical research. quote from Belinda Vasquez Garcia s preface About Return of the Bones.I loved this story, part fiction, part fantasy, but based on truth It s all about the bones of ancestors, the gradual loss of tribes and nations of North America s indigenous people and the repatriation of the bones In this mystical and arduous journey an elderly shaman and his granddaughter, last of their once large tribe, are on a quest for the bones of their ancestors Travelling physically in an old truck, and paranormally via a dreamcatcher, this story is spellbinding Belinda Vasquez Garcia has a way of bringing reality to the past and present through images received by the granddaughter, a modern girl who is on this jour...

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    I liked this book The characters were life like just as if they were part of your family The story was great, and sad, and so many other things I am glad I read this book The story was also well written It made you care about than just the ...

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    A dream filled meditation on what it means to belong to a native american tribe Hollow Woman and her crotchety shaman grandfather are the last survivors of their tribe, refugees from a ruined and long abandoned pueblo Almost a hundred years earlier, archaeologists raided the ruins and removed the bones of thousands of early residents The pueblo having long since been captured and it s people enslaved by Spanish troops and missionaries intent on saving the Indians souls than their lives or customs Raids by other native tribes further weakened the people and a ruined economy finally starved them and drove them away.We see the entire history through Hollow woman s dreams, brought on by the magic of her grandfather s dream catcher as the two travel cross country to recover the bones and to return them to their proper burial place This is a road trip with a mission The grandfather is very old and expects to die soon The government has finally agreed to release the bones to him Long at odds, Hollow Woman and her grandfather grow closer over the trip and learn to accept and understand each other Together, they read the diary of the man responsible for stealing the ancestral bones, who experienc...

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    This was a very engaging story of New Mexico s Pecos Pueblo I wanted to listen to this audiobook because it was based on the true story of the Pecos Pueblo how the bones of their ancestors were removed in the 1920 s from their resting place in New Mexico and shipped off to Harvard for study.The beginning started out slowly for me, but I understand that the author needed to lay the foundation with the necessary history Thankfully, Belinda Vasquez Garcia didn t get on her soapbox and denounce the evils of our country s early beginnings by the Spanish and early American settlers.Rather, the story centers on Hollow Woman and Grandfather who are the last of their tribe and who travel cross country to retrieve the bones of their ancestors Grandfather shares with his granddaughter where the bones came from and what they mean to their tribe and descendents Needless to say, Hollow Woman is disgruntled at first and reluctant to go on this road trip with the ...

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    I was intrigued by this book because it was partially based on the true story of the Pecos Pueblo Their trials at the hands of Spanish invaders, the Spanish Inquisition, the US Army, and finally from archaeologists In the early 1900 the bones were removed from their resting place at the Pueblo and shipped off to Harvard for study.One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is that the author did not take the opportunity to turn this engaging story into an excuse to denounce how evil the Spanish, Americans, and even other tribes were to this group Indeed, there were evil acts performed by bad men, but their sins were their own.Around this kernel of truth a story is woven that shares where t...

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    I really loved this book It was based on fact and I learned so much about New Mexico and the pueblos I knew we had been unfair to Native Americans, but I had no idea to what extent I also learned a bit about Native American beliefs and I respect those beliefs The scientist who stole the bones knew it was wrong, but he rationalized that it was for science so he was justified It was very emotional wh...

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    I liked this book I have always been interested in the native American Indians This book is told by a woman named Hollow Woman About her and her grandfather who raised her They go to the NAGPR to legally get all the bones of the Indians They wanted to bring...

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    ExcellentWe all should be reminded of the thoughtless cruelty of European Invaders to the Americas Why do people not respect or try to appreciate other cultures This is something we all need to think about if humanity is to survive Return of the Bones addresses this problem and ends ...

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