[Epub] ➢ Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories ➣ Steve Morris – Ebats.us

Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories We Are Long Overdue A Break.Out On Top Is A Bag Of Stories Where Wrongs Are Often Put Right.Instead Of Dwelling On What Might Have Been, Characters Get Their Chances To Rectify Their Regrets And Tidy Up Their Troubled Pasts.Once Reluctant Romeos, Clever Creatures And Innovative New Technology Sees The Cast Of Out On Top Get Second Chances To See The Truth Finally Come Out Whether It Wants To Or Not.From The Author Of In All Probability,Out On Top Sees Steve Morris Return To Set A Few Things Straight.

[Epub] ➢ Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories  ➣ Steve  Morris – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 143 pages
  • Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories
  • Steve Morris
  • English
  • 09 December 2018
  • 9781782283324

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    Autographed gift copy sent by author and Goodreads friend Steve Morris This new collection of short stories by Steve Morris has some family ressemblances to his earlier work, because we see some familiar themes emerging His protagonists are often misfits, or at least maladjusted in some way, and therefore they stand in some sense outside of mainstream society looking in In this book, good reasons are given for this, such as lack of maturity, or past trauma But let s face it we all like to root for the underdog And this makes it all the possible to get into these stories Steve seems to enjoy sports I surmise this from the way in which his characters participate in them with such great intensity Steve can convey the adrenaline of the individual team member as well as the spellbound fascination of the spectators I suspect that Steve also has a great affection for animals For he writes about them, sometimes with humour and sometimes with pathos He tries something here which I think is new for him one tail tale is narrated partly from an animal s point of view I know for a fact that Steve has an interest in science fiction and the paranormal This comes through strikin...

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    This was a lovely read I didn t find all the stories were quite so upbeat as the title promised, but they were certainly interesting and entertaining small slivers of life I particularly enjoyed the stories that carried a little twist, with the author freely giving away enough hints for the reader to anticipate the ending, but not so much that you coul...

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    Back on form Good for short memorable reads Thirteen wide ranging stories on themes from sport, to animals to love, with extra love in this book A good book where you don t want to commit time to a whole novel Tales of the Unexpected for the eBook generation.

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    This book contained a variety of stories that all had wonderful outcomes A great book to read when you need to be uplifted Also for young teens.

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