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Cherished Stranger Lucy Durham Watson Lost Track Of Her Sponsor Child During Romania S Flood Now That The Christian Organization Has Located Her Again, She S Not About To Lose Her A Second Time Disregarding Advice From Her Family, She Helps Anika And Her Father Gain U.S Citizenship To Live On Her Farm Life In Romania S Poverty Is A Stark Contrast To The Comforts Of The Ozarks A Fact Proven By Dorin, The Father Of Her Sponsor Child Governed By His Pride And His Disapproval Of Lucy S Spontaneous And Often Reckless Personality, They Clash From The Start But When Lucy Becomes The Target Of A Stalker, Everything Changes.

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    this is the first I have read by this author I liked it.Dorin and Anika have a bit to learn about American culture, like eating in a restaurant But they have much to teach Lucy, too.Think before you act and speak.Not all churches focus on Jesus Christ and spiritual growth.Trust your family and friends, they ll forgive ...

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    Healing hurtsGreat read Hard to put down Lots of intrigue Lucy has sponsored Anika s family for years and now has brought Anika and her father to the states from Romania Lucy is still trying to get over her abusive husband s death but when things start happening, she begins to ...

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    Cherished StrangerI prefer my religion in small doses In shovelfuls it is cloying Also the drug thing is not realistic the drugs that do that are not narcotic so why would a dealer even have them to hand

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    I enjoyed the romance, but I had a hard time suspending disbelief in the mystery.

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    Oh, my I could not put it down That s on cold blooded, callus, vicious ex Sometimes you just have to talk, to a cop even after a few left a bad taste in your mouth you find a few really good ones That s life Please read

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    Kindle Free Ereader News 3 1 2 stars An enjoyable read

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