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The Bitter Mans Guide to Women A Brilliantly Insightful Guide For Men, This Book Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Women And Relationships In Less Than 5 Minutes What This Book Lacks In Length, It Than Makes Up For With Ersatz Knowledgeability And Diagrams Particularly Helpful For Guys Who Have Just Come Out Of A Long Term Relationship But Also Universally Applicable.

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    Laughed out loud Had no idea what I was reading but finished the book in about 20 minutes, laughing out loud frequently Douglas Adams knew how to crack a person up on paper R.I.P.

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    Utterly hysterical.

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    I was on , considering to buy Douglas Adams book Dirk Gently s Holistic Detective Agency I saw this book in the Customers who bought this also bought section It was 0.99 , the title was a bit funny, and I saw something resembling Douglas Adams name It instantly made me think that it would be absolutely hilarious, and a really quick read Now, to my gre...

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    Hilarious Best relationship guide ever I absolutely adore Douglas Adams and this short but sweet prose is just another reason why Haha I am a heterosexual woman that found this male perspective of women not only ridiculously hilarious but incredibly spot on I love the way Adams ...

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    Douglas Adams is always a good time This is short, to the point, and exactly what the title promised.

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    Short but funnyShort but funny book for only paying a dollar Personally I think it s spot on in some parts Definitely worth the short read

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    HilariousHilarious Amusingly written, with the perfect conclusion in all possible ways I would strongly suggest everyone reads just to see how well it compares to your life.

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