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Kiss the Night GoodbyeSometimes The Past Not Only Haunts, But Destroys One Hundred Years Ago, Michael Kelly Hunted Down And Killed The Sorcerer Responsible For Murdering His Lover Now The Brother Of That Man Is Out For Revenge, And He Intends To Destroy All That Michael Holds Dear In The Process Nikki James Wants Nothing Than To Pass The Circle S Strict Entry Exams So She Can Get On With The Business Of Planning Her Wedding To Michael But When One Of The Testers Attempts To Kill Her, She Realises Buying A Wedding Dress Is The Least Of Her Worries Especially When Michael Is Shot And Kidnapped The Trail Leads Her To The Ghost Town Where Michael Had Once Killed A Madman She S Not Surprised To Discover That Weylin Dunleavy, The Brother Of That Long Ago Murderer, Has Set In Place Events That Will Mirror The Past In Order To Raise His Brother S Spirit From Hell Nor Is She Truly Surprised To Discover That A Barrier Of Magic Surrounds The Old Town, Leaving Her To Battle Weylin With Only Her Wits, Strength And The One Psychic Gift She Cannot Fully Control The One Thing That Does Surprise, The One Thing She Cannot Accept, Is The Fact That Michael No Longer Remembers Who She Is

[[ Download ]] ➽ Kiss the Night Goodbye Author Keri Arthur – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Kiss the Night Goodbye
  • Keri Arthur
  • English
  • 22 March 2018
  • 9781893896215

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    Rating 4 out of 5Book 4 of this series is by far the best I really enjoyed the relationship between Nikki and Michael I thought the relationship portrayed in this book was deeper and understanding It was also nice getting an insight into ...

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    I don t know if it s the fault of the bloody reading slump but I was just super bored with this book I loved this series so much about 10 years ago but it left me kind of meh That sucks.

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    Nikki and Michael are back in the final story in Keri Arthur s vampire romance series Nikki has been busting her backside improving her fitness and her control of her psychic abilities since Michael has done the decent thing and not only asked Nikki to marry him, but has allowed her into the darker and dangerous side of his life.The story opens with Nikki once again trying to pass the Circle s entry exams and gets than she bargained for in her latest attempt someone trying to kill her Thanks to the link forged between her and Michael that has increased not only her powers but Michael s too, Nikki escapes without much trouble The only problem is that her bad luck isn t about to end there Someone shoots and kidnaps the lovely slice of vampire that is Michael and it s down to Nikki, masquerading as Seline because the bad guy is fairly intent on getting some payback for an event that happened in the past involving Seline and Michael, goes out to save the day.Nikki s problems get worse from there The town where she must go is surrounded by a magical barrier and everyone is acting as they had a few hundred years back Michael doesn t remember her, and she certainly doesn t look like herself, and she has to be careful because while the barrier has put a stop to most of her powers, her personal magic that comes in the form of pyrokinetic a...

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    Kiss the Night Goodbye is a fast paced, dark, final adventure for the Nikki and Michael series.This story starts with Nikki trying to pass her Circle final examination Something goes wrong and what is suppose to be a training exercise turns into a life and death situation It is quickly discovered that the circle has been infiltrated by an enemy s minions When Nikki and Michael go to investigate the betrayers home, they are separated and Michael is captured by the minions 100 years ago, Michael killed the sorcerer responsible for murdering his girlfriend Now the sorcerer s brother is back and wants revenge But he is no ordinary opponent, he is a vampire, shifter and a sorcerer.Nikki surrenders herself to the sorcerer, who is holding a historical ghost town hostage along with other inhabitants that he has captured The town is blocked by a magical barrier so no one can enter or leave Now trapped, Nikki must outwit the bad guy and help Michael discover who he is since it seems his memory is caught 100 years in the past.This story is very dark, Keri Arthur s writing paints a vivid, detailed and gruesome mental image of the plot as it unfolds Arthur creates an antagonist the personifi...

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    Kiss the Night Goodbye is the 4rd and final book in the Nikki Michael series, so some series spoilers may exist Reading Order In Kiss the Night Goodbye Nikki Michael s relationship is going strong He s working to be flexible and has given in to Nikki s insistence that he let her join the Circle view spoiler In fact, things are going so good that they are due to be married in 35 days But, Nikki insisted that s...

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    This is the fourth and last Nikki and Michael book Since they are all re released from years ago, I guess there is no hope for another one and that s a shame The is also the fourth one in the last couple of months that I have read in this series As I have said before, it s hard to review so many books in a series in a row unless major things change in the story.One major change in this story involves Nikki finally going to work for the Circle that Michael works for So now she finally is able to truly be with Michael instead of sitting home waiting sometimes for months at a time Since Nikki is Michael s thrall, if Michael gets killed then Nikki does too and I have to say that would be a major problem wondering all the time how dangerous the job is that Michael is working and if she is going to just drop dead never knowing why So now she is getting trained in ways that would probably put the FBI training to shame.The other major change involves Michael losing his memory of Nikki Lots of drama to get to this point but I am not ruining it for readers by telling how this all happens Suffice it to say that Nikki has to work with Michael without him even knowing what century he is in Intrigued I was and it made for a lot of twists and turns and murder and mayhem and it really worked as a plot twist.Ms Arthur always comes up with very interesting villains Not only are they interesting but they re always so hei...

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    This is the 4th and final book in the Nikki and Michael series I d strongly recommend that you read the series in order Although I won t give spoilers for Kiss the Night Goodbye in this review it will be impossible not to include things that may spoil the previous books so if you re new to the series I d suggest you read the reviews for Dancing with the Devil This is a series I really loved so I d definitely recommend you check it out Now that Michael has finally agreed to let Nikki join the Circle so she can join him on his missions but first she has to pass her training course Nikki has worked hard to improve her fitness and her psychic abilities but it she doesn t pass the entry exam then her upcoming wedding will have to be put on hold The exam seems to be going well until one of the instructors tries to kill her that is It appears that one of Michael s enemies has managed to infiltrate the Circle and they are investigating when Michael is kidnapped With Michael being held hostage in a psychic dead zone Nikki is forced to go and find her man They are facing their most deadly enemy without their strongest weapons Worse still Michael doesn t even remember who Nikki is Nikki is going to have to keep her wits about her if she is going to get them through this especially if she wants to do it in time for their wedding I really enjoyed the other books in this series and Kiss the N...

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    Great ending to a good series This is the fourth and last book of the Nikki and Michael series This one starts with Nikki and Jake trying to become members of The Circle, the group that Michael works for Not only is Nikki trying to pass all the test so she can begin working with Michael, she s planning their wedding Though Nikki s powers seem to be growing and that s not the only problem she has to deal with Someone has infiltrated The Circle trying to kill Seline and Michael and will stop at nothing to get what they want.They find out who did infiltrate the Circle and go to his apartment and when they do Michael goes after them since he was standing outside since he can t get in He chases them down an alley then out of nowhere he gets shot with a silver bullet He gets kidnapped and Nikki chases after him.Seline calls in Nikki and informs her about what s going on There s a vampire who is out to kill them both and has kidnapped Michael so he can bring his brother back from the dead and has sent a note saying that if Seline doesn t show up at a certain time in a certain town that he has a list of people in The Circle and he s willing to kill them all She wants to send Nikki in her place, with magic changing her appearance, ...

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    Fourth and final installment of Nikki and Michael but the series has a spin off in the Damask Circle , Kiss the Night Goodbye follows the the main couple into their first mission together Well, kind of Micheal gets kidnapped by the enemy foretold in book 3 and Nikki rides to the rescue In a sense literally, as they are sent to a Western town that a sorcerer has created to recall a series a murders happened a century before.As in all the series romance and mystery share pages in a nice blend of PNR The plot is unfortunately very much similar to the previous three books and so does the villain Repetition is one of the only two faults one can find in this series The other is the lack of world building Here I felt it keenly I couldn t understand some point of magic world that I believed were imp...

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    Ahh my heart is so full This was such a perfect way to end the series even though I feel like Arthur could ve easily continued with it The connection between Nikki and Michael is just great and they work so well as a team even if Michael tries to still stop it I loved how we saw a little into Michaels past and even though he s 360 years old I like that he s not invincible The concept of thei...

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