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Exposure at Sea After A Painful Breakup, Molly Nicholson Accepts A Job As A Cruise Ship Photographer As She Is Taking Photos Of Passengers Arriving To Board The Ship, She Accidentally Snaps A Picture Of A Murder Her Dream Job Turns Into A Nightmare As She Tries To Stay Alive Amidst The Beauty Of Hawaii A Handsome Detective On Medical Leave Volunteers To Be Her Bodyguard Until The Killer Is Caught Can Their Blooming Romance Survive Murder On The High Seas

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    OkI liked the plot I liked the innocent romance I loved all of the references of God However, I found the Molly character to be extremely annoying and annoyingly temperamental.

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    I ve really enjoyed this series this year I m in the middle of reading several books that are chuck full of heavy info this was a great, quick read that gave my brain a break from processing heavy Each book in this series has grabbed me from the beginning my o...

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    3.5 stars for Exposure at Sea A murder mystery on a cruise ship and a budding romance between a cop and the ship photographer I loved the hero of the story and the location The plot had me drawn in for the most of it, I did feel a little disconnected in a few places but it would always draw me back.

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    Getting betterWell the first 2 books did not have much about God, the Gospel or salvation This one did much better as far as Christian content Still a little disappointed in the abrupt ending although this one didn t seem as abrupt as the other ones Maybe by th...

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    Very goodI really enjoyed this book I didn t like it as much as the others in the series, but still very good.

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    Interesting story about investigating a murder on a cruise liner Only thing is the book end very abruptly.

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