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The First Order (Sam Capra, #5) 14 Hours, 41 Minutes The Darkest Day Of Sam Capra S Life Was When He Watched His Brother, Danny, Executed By Extremists On An Online Video But Now, Evidence Has Surfaced That Danny May Still Be Alive Leading A Secret, Hidden Life For The Past Six Years While The World Believed Him To Be Dead What S , Sam Discovers That Danny May Be Plotting A Murder That Could Change History Assassinating The Russian President.Determined To Stop His Brother From Committing A Murder That May Cause A War, Sam Goes Undercover In A One Man Mission To Save The World And To Save His Brother.

[Reading] ➮ The First Order (Sam Capra, #5)  ➶ Jeff Abbott – Ebats.us
  • Audiobook
  • The First Order (Sam Capra, #5)
  • Jeff Abbott
  • English
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9781478902751

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    The First Order is Jeff Abbott s 5th book about Sam Capra I haven t read the previous four books, but there were no problems whatsoever to get into the story Six years ago, Sam s brother Danny was killed in Afghanistan, beheaded in a video But, now Sam has found evidence that Danny may still be alive that the video was just a ploy to let everyone think that Danny was dead But, why was Danny spared, and why haven t Sam heard from his brother since then What has Sam been doing these last six years I was quickly drawn into the story, it didn t matter one thing that I hadn t read the previous book I found the main characters Sam and his best friend Mila instantly likable and I was intrigued by the plot in this book Sam, has before this book been through much with a wife that turned out to be a traitor and a young son that was kidnapped and that he had to get back Now he found out that his brother may be still alive A brother, whose death made him join CIA six years ago And, if that s not enough it seems that his brother is a trained assassin that is hired to kill the president of Russia So now Sam doesn t just have to find Danny, he has to stop him from killing a...

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    This is my first Jeff Abbott book, but the fourth one in his Sam Capra series While I was missing some obvious backstory since I didn t read any of the first four, the story itself still held together nicely This fit into the spy thriller genre, which I enjoy Three stars is a good rating for me, and I do plan on reading by this author.I liked the MC, Sam He was the good brother and stood for all that was honest The other characters, less the glowing compared to Sam, ...

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    This 4.5 star book kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire ride My eyes are bleary from reading it almost straight through I guess I find myself invested in this ex CIA very young spook and his basic goodness, which may sound corny but isn t One should read the books...

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    I didn t like this one as much as the others in this series I liked that Sam was trying to find his brother, but I didn t care for the Russian oligarchs theme he sure used that term a lot in this book The first 3 4 of the book I had ...

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    Did not care for this story of a falmily s missing brother amongst political tricks at all 1 of 10 stars

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    The First Order is the second Sam Capra novel I have read The first was Downfall Sam searches for clues about the terrorist slaying of his brother in Afghanistan His missing brother coupled with a horrific execution video has haunted Sam for six years He needs answers for some sort of closure He learns not everything may be as it appears Who are the Brothers ...

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    Not a high caliber espionage thriller I have read a lot of books in this genre if you don t believe me, just take a look at my list of read books and I never really was engrossed in this one There is a cockamamie set up we are led to believe that Sam Capra s brother s life is spared somewhere in the middle east, and he is somehow sweet talked into assassinating the President of Russia C mon, man The secondary characters, while interesting, lead us down a nearly 400 page road where...

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    I suspect one has to have investment in Sam Capra, and cannot simply drop in late in the series and appreciate the action Since I have never read one of these books before I had to put it aside in favor of a movie portraying this type of assassin war play I do periodically e...

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    I won this book from a goodreads giveaway It comes out in January of 2016.I enjoyed reading it It was full of action adventure.It would make a good pay Tv movie I hope to read books by this author.It had a good variety of cha...

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    Enjoyable read but the dialogue on decisions and tense situations tended to drag I m also wondering if I m the only person that did not know about Polonium Is there a special spy school where you learn all these details

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