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Faith A Holistic ApproachIn Most Cases Christian Walk Is Like A Thorny Path We Get Into Situations That Break Our Hearts And Crush Our Faith A Broken Leg Is Much Better Than A Broken Heart, Because It Can Be Fixed By A Surgeon When Faith Is Crushed, The Flesh Is Weak But The Spirit Is Willing In Such Situations Like These We Need Someone To Encourage Us To Build Our Faith The Author Of This Book Take You Through Various Truths Of Faith In A Way That Is Simple To Understand And Easy To Apply In Your Life The Purpose Of This Book Is To Equip You To Improve Your Faith In The Lord, And Thereby Grow In The Grace Of God.

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    Oh this was rather charming in its layout This is a great title about faith and it is broken down into many different elements to exercise your spiritual muscles.Maybe you are in a place right now that is a struggle and everything is coming at you, maybe like myself at the beginning of your walk with Jesus you thought I thought life would be easier now I know you This will really encourage you to keep on keeping on It highlights scripture in the bible and reflects and walks you through, sometimes in charming analogy of what happens to our fa...

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