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The Art of Discipline As The Fallout From Patrick Sampson Begins To Fade Into The Background, Emma And Dani Struggle To Put Normalcy Back Into Their Lives Trust, However, Has Been Broken, And As The Two Lovers Scramble To Find It Again, There Is Definite Friction Between Them Dani Is Still Grounded, And As She Continues To Fight The Demons In Her Own Past, Her Backside Often Pays The Price For Her Tantrums And Emotional Outbursts Emma Is Forced To Keep The Discipline Both Strict And Consistent, Just To Keep Dani From Falling To Pieces, But How Much Is Too Much How Far Will Dani Push Both Herself And Emma, And Where Does Dani S Extended Family Fit Into Their Lives In Coming Home, Emma And Dani Face A Great Challenge As They Learn To Move On, Trust Each Other Once Again, And Figure Out Just How To Build A Permanent Life Together Where They Are Both Happy, Healthy, And Ready To Live Again Author S Note This Book Contains A Lesbian Relationship Which Includes Sex, Domestic Discipline, Spankings, And Elements Of Age Play And BDSM If Any Of These Subjects Offend You, Please Don T Buy This Book.

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    The story itself was nice, but the spelling and grammar errors made the reading tiresome.I recommend proof reading.

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