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Get Medieval The First Get Medieval Collection.Once Upon A Time, Long Ago In A Faraway Land, A Spaceship Landed On Earth The Occupants Were On The Run From The Interstellar Mafia And Looking For A Place To Refuel Their Ship And Maybe Lie Low For A While What They Got Was This Grubby, Misogynistic Little Steel Age World Where The Beer S Always Warm, There Are Too Many Eels, And People Think A Good Time Is Watching Two Guys In Metal Exoskeletons Hit Each Other With Sticks You Take What You Can Get.

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    Get Medieval is one of my favourite daily comics This was the first collection Ironychan put together and it contains the story so far, until 2005, and a related bonus storyline It gets re read regularly, and yet sti...

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    get medieval is my favorite comic of all time i haven t read it since it ended it s a webcomic , but i still think about it from time to time i m so glad i finally bought myself these books though, cos it s just as awesome as i remember it being can t wait to read the next two volumes now.

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