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Invite Me InOn A Sultry Night In The French Quarter, Alone In A Room Thick With Desire, She Is Able To Channel The Wanton Mating Of The Couple Down The Hall Each Kiss, Each Sensation, Each Stroke Is As Real To Her As If She Were The One Being Ravished In Her Desperate Arousal, She Unconsciously Calls Out To Him, Until He Is At Her Door, In Her Bed, Knowing Fully What She Wants And How To Satisfy Her Completely

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    vampire and succubus a match

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    story of a succubus, that submerges herself in another when he she is having sex gaining energy vicariously until he returns for a second round with her neighbor, and comes to her sliding door on the 15th floor, asking to be let in physically, emotionally, passionately, and makes demanding, t...

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    love it

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    Interesting encounter

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