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The Rough Guide to Green Living The Rough Guide To Green Living Is A Fact Filled, User Friendly Guide To Living A Low Carbon, Eco Friendly Life The Guide Provides Hundreds Of Going Green Tips On All The Key Consumer Areas From Greener Shopping And Recycling To Producing Your Own Electricity And Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Suitable For Everyone Interested In Making A Difference, The Rough Guide To Green Living Includes A Plethora Of Simple Green Choices That Anyone Can Try From Green Living At Home, Adopting Greener Travel Habits, And Growing Your Own, To Ethical Shopping And Getting Involved In Charities Or Politics Readable, Interesting And Sometimes Surprising, The Rough Guide Will Help You Get Your Environmental Priorities In Order And To Separate The Facts From The Myths The Ultimate Guide To All Things Eco Friendly, Low Carbon And Energy Saving.

[Epub] ➟ The Rough Guide to Green Living  Author Duncan Clark – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Rough Guide to Green Living
  • Duncan Clark
  • English
  • 27 August 2017
  • 9781848361072

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    I m very eco conscious so I loved this book It gives you ideas on how to live sustainably in all aspects of your life It s clear to understand and easy to apply A highly recommended book in this dire time of global warming and climate change.

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    Basically for UK citizens Many subjects and recommendations work differently in other countries Nonetheless very complete guide attaining many areas of our daily life and its environmental impact.

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    Deducting a star soley because this book is at least ten years old though all books get older, so this is to warn potential readers I don t know if, for instance, the organisations and government initiatives cited still exist I think if it were written today there would be discussion on environmental issues like plastic in the oceans and the effect of pesticides on bees that have come to the fore in this decade.It is an excellently written book in the way it considers the different impacts of lifestyle changes and how green living can often itself be a trade off between different aims and considerations Priority is given to carbon reduction to the particular threats posed by global...

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    A very matter of fact, well researched book It does a great job of separating green hype from behaviours which actually make a difference, and points out some very counter intuitive things I m planning to read the companion books The Rough Guide to Food and The Rough Guide to Climate Change next.

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